Musings on God

Excerpts from Olivia Temporal’s devotional journal which narrates her personal journey with God.

Following Jesus / Fishers of Men / Uncontainablemusings.comUnconventional Calling

A series of stories on how the Lord led me to leave everything, including my work which is my source of income, to fully commit myself in serving Him primarily in proclaiming His Name to all the earth by taking advantage of new media.

For most people, this path is not only unconventional but also unwise and irresponsible. My journey is not without disapproval and discouragements. I share my struggles, difficulties, important lessons learned in my journey in following God’s intended purpose for my life.

Isaiah 43:19. Nagsasa backwoods, Zambales, Philippines, uncontainablemusings.comGod’s Battle

A prequel story series to Unconventional Calling, when God removed me from ‘slavery’ in my sinful nature of self-reliance and career-orientedness, which makes me forget my Lord. Then He reminded me of what I have been asking Him before: my lifetime work for Him.

GCF-Connect Agents of Change. With Dr. Ronald Macam of Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines (CBAP), uncontainablemusings.comMemoirs  & Musings

Our life leads to what we purposely pursue: a life planned by God for us or a life we planned for ourselves. But in the end, the Lord was, is and will always be God!

Proclaiming God's glory through life story.