Remembering God’s Goodness and Faithfulness

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My mom flew to another country for a quick vacation and I posted a message on a social media site to encourage her, along with other family members, in remembering God’s goodness to our family [clan]. It was a quick summary of a few milestones and answered prayers of my mom.

Later that night, as I continued with my prayer time, I tried to recall where I left off and found that I was [again] worrying and complaining to the Lord. Now after being refreshed with God’s goodness and faithfulness, I saw these worries as insignificant / trivial / negligible. Then I suddenly realized that the Lord wanted me to also remember His goodness and faithfulness, to approach Him with thanksgiving, and enable me to see things in proper perspective. The Lord made me aware that I was again magnifying the concerns of the world and forgetting the truth that He is the almighty God who is in control. 

Such is the nature of man. We are forgetful and we need to be constantly reminded. Just like the Israelites who at one moment witnessed the majesty, power and glory of the Lord then the next moment were complaining and grumbling, anxious about their lives, forgetting everything He has done. Thus the Lord gave them instructions to help them remember His great and mighty wonders and revere Him. (Story in Exodus)

Remembering God’s goodness and faithfulness is a great weapon against all feelings of worry, anxiety, discouragement, disheartenment, frustration, hopelessness, or depression. It results in a grateful heart that sees what the Lord has done good and not what’s lacking or what’s not working out; a heart that sees that God is greater than all the worries, fears and problems of the world; a heart full of hope in the character of the Lord.

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